Cleansing with ClearVite

For many of our patients with chronic conditions, cleanses are a way to give the body a “tune-up”.
At Better Body Solutions we usually recommend a 3-week cleanse for patients with chronic conditions ( e.g. thyroid, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia) or weight-loss issues. During the cleanse we use ClearVite, a multi-nutrient supplement made by Apex Energetics that is designed to “clean” the intestines and liver, which is the main site of detoxification in the body. This particular detox program is less restrictive than some and includes vegetables, fruits and fish. We use the supplement 1 to 3 times per day and we modify the diet to remove unhealthy foods.
Cleanses, such as ClearVite, can provide some health benefits by giving the body a break from hi-fat and unhealthy diets. For example, by avoiding certain foods that may irritate the gastrointestinal tract, an individual may experience relief from inflammatory conditions, such as ulcerative colitis.
In particular, cleanses may be able to help with the diagnosis of food allergies and sensitivities. At the end of the ClearVite program we add restricted foods back one at a time to determine if the body can tolerate them. In this way the ClearVite cleanse is an elimination challenge. It's usually pretty obvious when someone adds a "bad" food back into their diet because they get symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, headaches and rash.
It is possible that the drastic diet adjustment brought about by cleanses may result in health improvements such as weight loss, increased energy, improved digestion and elimination, and clearer skin. These benefits will only persist, however, if permanent adjustments to diet are made. Furthermore, a cleanse should never be done unless under the supervision of a medical professional.


  1. I was a little nervous about putting on weight and is really my biggest issue as a hypothyroid. I made a transition from my synthetic hormones to desiccated thyroid supplements, because if I didn't gain any excess weight, and none of the other problems I'd had with hypothyroidism returned (such as fatigue, grogginess and menstrual problems). It seemed I had found a great answer!

    1. I have low TSH and Hashimoti. The was discovered in February 2013. My levels continued to elevate and after seeing four Endocrinologist and one trust-worthy Naturopath, my TSH levels are back to normal.

      I've been taking Thyroid 130 (my dose now is two daily). Product can be purchased on line by Priority One. I recommend this product over pharmaceutical drugs and a strict gluten-free diet. As of today, I feel better and am now back to myself. My mental focus and energy are back on track and all the things I wasn't able or had no desire to do anymore are back in my life.

      I'm still working on the Hashimoto side but it feels great to be me again!!